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Friday, 15 March 2013

Broken Sex Doll

Broken Sex Doll is well ahead of its time. It is a sci fi comedic musical romance now making its world premiere at The Cultch until March 24.

Featuring a sexy cast, the show is a feast for the senses - which itself is one of the many themes that are explored in the story. A technical and visual accomplishment, we are taken into a futuristic world where emotional experiences are uploaded and downloaded like an .mp3 file. Speaking to our addiction to technology, we are forced to question just how dependant we have become on it for feelings and emotions, and how much we feed into our exhibitionistic tendencies. There are also issues of legalized relationships (in this case - robot and human), slavery, sex, and feminism.

The electronic music that makes up most of the score is perfect for this near-future setting, and the songs were decent enough to keep the show going but I didn't leave the theatre humming any memorable tunes. Writer/director/producer Andy Thompson has brought us to a land of misfit femme bots and sex tapes gone wild. Benjamin Elliott and Gili Roskies (above) shine as the leads: stumbling and sexy Daryl, and Ginger the girl with all the right moves and then some. Andy Toth's Lars the Repair Man drew great laughter from the audience, who were in stitches already from the funny script and acting.

(photos by Bettina Strauss )

Staging and choreography were both well done, and this is a show that one would definitely have a good time at!  The Virtual Stage's Broken Sex Doll is an original musical that is innovative and fun! On now at The Cultch!


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