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Thursday, 21 February 2013

My Funny Valentine at the Firehall Arts Centre

Returning to the stage is the Jessie-nominated My Funny Valentine, now running at the Firehall Arts Centre. It's the multi-layered story of a school shooting, told from a number of perspectives: fellow student, teacher, parent, reporter. The multitude of characters are all played seamlessly by one very talented Anton Lipovetsky, who dons each role with ease and precision.

Not only is the acting spot on, but it may also have something to do with the rich script that the actor is provided, written by Dave Deveau. Each monologue is separate and different from the other, yet shows off the multi-faceted and complex layers of the subject matter being explored. And just when you think the scene is heading off into another direction, there's a poignancy that comes around without hitting you over the head with its message of how much work our society needs to do. Director Cameron Mackenzie has done a wonderful job with making use of the space, the lighting, and allowing the actor to morph into each character before our very eyes. 

The show will have you laughing at parts, holding your breath in a heavy silence at others, and even getting your back up at some of the characters being portrayed on stage. It's an accomplishment to be able to get the audience to feel such a range of emotions, all within 85 minutes, with no intermission and with just one actor. 

Timely and sensitive, the return of My Funny Valentine is a much-needed dose of social consciousness, good theatre, and reflection. Zee-Zee-Theatre's production of My Funny Valentine runs now at the Firehall Arts Centre until March 2.  Tickets available here

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