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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Gravity of Center at The Cultch

Montreal's RUBBERBANDance group lands at The Cultch this week with its 75 minute breathtaking performance, Gravity of Center.

It's a mind-bending no holds barred orgy of dance, that flows seamlessly from scene to scene. With superb lighting work and a hypnotizing soundtrack, this show is beautiful and haunting and felt like a silent film come to life. At points heavy and melancholic, and other moments free and liberated, the performance runs the gamut of emotion and there seems to be no restrictions as to what these talented artists can do with their own bodies.

It's not often that I choose to go out for an evening of dance, but this one is well worth your time! Gravity of Center runs at The Cultch now until February 23.

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