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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Vancouver Queer Film Festival

The Vancouver Queer Film Festival is in full swing! You have a week left to go and catch some films you may not see anywhere else and attend some of their fabulous parties and events!

One film that's getting attention is Romeos, a German film about a 19 year old trans guy. "Fueled by vim and promise, Lukas moves to Cologne, Germany—leaving behind his small hometown where he was raised as a girl. He soon discovers that being a 19-year-old trans man in the big city is full of new challenges. On campus, Lukas is assigned to a female dormitory. His best friend—Ine, a lesbian—is slowly withdrawing her faithful support. And in the cisgender gay scene, he struggles to “pass” amongst a group of particularly macho young men. Just when navigating day-to-day life seems complex enough, Lukas takes an interest in Fabio—the hottest and cockiest of his new gay friends."

The documentary United In Anger: A History of ACT UP also appeals to me, as it documents the groundbreaking AIDS group ACT UP from the 1980s.

What films have you already seen or would recommend?

The Vancouver Queer Film Festival runs until August 26!

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