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Friday, 24 August 2012

PNE 2012

It's a yearly tradition, going to the PNE. Back in high school, I had friends who worked there who would get me in. Even before that, when I was in elementary school, we all got a free ticket to the PNE with our year end report cards. Those were the good ol' days.

Now it's $20 to get into the gates, cheaper if you know where to look (I think 7-Eleven has discounted admission fare). But there's also more stuff to do now!

I hit up the fair last night to catch a free live concert by Our Lady Peace! Although they didn't sing my favourite song of theirs - Thief.

We hit up the Whale Tails booth, ate lots of other bad food, checked out the Showcase of things people don't need but want (steam irons, mops, etc.), visited the cows/horses/chickens/honey bees and other livestock in the barns, and saw the Peking Acrobats Show, which was quite impressive!

New this year is a STAR TREK exhibit, for all you Trekkies out there!

(photo from VanCityBuzz)

You can view costumes and masks from all of the Star Trek franchises and movies, get a photo in the Captain's chair, or take a picture on the deck of the USS Enterprise from the Next Generation, and visit the gift shop to buy yourself your very own Tribble!!

And even if you've missed out on Heart and Juice Newton and Nick Carter, there's still plenty of artists left to see in the PNE Summer Concert Series which takes place nightly for free at 8pm!
Tonight is Rick Springfield!

Coming up still is Hanson, Colbie Caillat, Down With Webster, Trooper, Lifehouse, and closing out the fair on Labour Day is none other than Olivia Newton-John!

Don't forget to check out Superdogs, Family Feud, and of course tour the Dream House! There are plenty of rides over in Playland - Canada's oldest amusement park, including the famous wooden rollercoaster from 1958!

PNE is waiting for you!!

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