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Friday, 8 June 2012

Shelter From The Storm

Just two days left to catch Shelter From The Storm, now playing at the Firehall Arts Theatre.

This is a serious drama about a draft dodger who leaves his service as a Marine in the Iraq war, and who flees to Canada for refuge. However, Canada is not as welcoming as one may think.

It's an ambitious production, that's for sure. The subject matter reflects events that are occurring mere steps away from the theatre, with real life US war resister Rodney Watson living his life in a one-bedroom suite in the First United Church off East Hastings.

It's a complex issue, and the play does its best to touch upon all sides of the story. The set itself is breathtaking, and the performances intense.

Only 3 performances left! Friday & Saturday night, and Saturday matinee, at the Firehall Arts Centre. And don't forget to check in with Tickets Tonight to see if they've got any half price tickets up for grabs!

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