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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Seeing Sarah Silverman

Last night I attended Sarah Silverman's show at the River Rock Casino. She was pretty funny, although about half of the material she was giving us was recycled from previous shows. For instance, if you've seen her DVD Jesus Is Magic, then you'll recognize 50% of the jokes that she told last night, not to mention most of the songs that she sang (Jews Driving German Cars, You're Gonna Die Soon, etc). In that respect, the show was disappointing. I came to see her do new material, not something I've already watched.

In terms of joke-telling, she more or less stumbles through stories until something strikes her or your funny bone. She's not like a classic comedian who has the punchlines ready to go, and can sometimes come off a bit rambling. She wound her way here and there and back again, going off on tangents and probably being as annoyed as I was at all the STUPID PEOPLE who kept getting up and out of their seats during the program!! WTF, Vancouver!? Go to the washroom before you come to the show!! OY! I was embarassed for our city. (This also happened at Margaret Cho, too!) Do people have small bladders or something?

Anyway, it was a fun evening and her opening act had awkward/uncomfortable jokes as well, which I thought were fantastic! I didn't laugh uncontrollably like I did at Margaret Cho's show, but it was a different type of comedy - darker, politically incorrect, and a bit more intelligent (which explains why the annoying woman in front of me who kept talking didn't quite "get" it)!

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