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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Into The Woods

Today I celebrated World Theatre Day by going out and catching the local production of Sondheim's Into the Woods, playing until the 29th at The Cultch. I am not a fan of Stephen Sondheim's work, which I've talked about on here time and time again. However, for a Sondheim musical, this is probably the one that I actually enjoyed the most! Music wise it did nothing for me. His work on the Dick Tracy soundtrack is light years better than all his other stuff, in my opinion and not just because Madonna is in it. However, the show itself was very fun and entertaining and even funny.

And for a community theatre group? This was a full fledged musical! The cast was larger than 5 and they could all actually sing! Who knew? Broadway, eat your heart out! The set was simple but it worked. If you've got time this weekend, catch Into The Woods at The Cultch, which is a cool old theatre off Venables that has an upper balcony that's cramped but fun in that New York City kind of way.

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