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Monday, 7 November 2016

Now Or Later

This play couldn't be more timely. With the American election one day away, why not infuse your theatre night out with a dose of politics with Fighting Chance Productions' Canadian premiere of Now Or Later, written by Pulitzer prize nominee Christopher Shinn.

The story revolves around the eve of a Presidential election, in which the winning candidate has to deal with his gay son's public faux pas, bringing up issues of intolerance and hypocrisy. It's a thought provoking show full of grey areas. 

Nicole G. Leier, who portrays Tracy, one of the many aides who file into the pressure cooker of a hotel room to discuss the unraveling events, was the highlight of the show for me. It wasn't just because she guzzled down a minibar bottle of vodka, but her poised presence and emotional speech about being a person of colour really hits home.  

Fighting Chance further adds to the diversity by casting Winson Won  as Marc, another one of the President Elet's aides. Paula Spurr's Jessica is the perfect First Lady to Be, assertive and glamorous. Brian Hinson channels his best Martin Sheen as the newly elected leader of the country. Justin Anthony's Matt brings a welcome dose of humour to the show, while Jake Sheardown tackles the lead role of John, the gay and privileged son who makes an irreversible public mistake. Sheardown easily has the most lines to get through during the show as he is in just about every scene, so kudos to him. 

Thank you again to Fighting Chance Productions and Ryan Mooney for continuing to bless our city with opportunities to see theatre and shows that we may not otherwise get to see. 

Go now, rather than later, to see Now Or Later at the PAL Theatre, on till November 13. 

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