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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Madonna in Vancouver

After a few months of avoiding tour spoilers, I finally got to see Madonna's REBEL HEART tour as it rolled into town last night! The photos I took were not great and I really didn't want to watch the whole show through my phone, so I didn't document much, but I'm sure you can look online for footage.

If you're familiar with the tour already, you know the setlist, the costumes, the set, etc. So what was different for the Vancouver show? Well, she performed SECRET which she hadn't done at any other show during the tour! That was exciting! Unfortunately, it replaced the song Who's That Girl, which I would rather have heard as I've never seen her do that live before.

Also specific to the Vancouver show? Amy Schumer and Sean Penn were in the audience!

(photo from Twitter)

At one point, Madonna had Amy do shots with her. After Amy was done, she put the plastic shot glass back on the stage and Madonna was all, "Don't leave your garbage on my stage!" which had the crowd laughing. 

Overall, Madonna was a lot friendlier than the last time she came to town. The crowd was more enthusiastic too, so that might have helped things. But I have read reviews of how she's way more laid back during this tour. It is nice to see. 

Highlights for me included the acoustic/ukulele version of True Blue, the 1920s flapper-style Material Girl and Gatsby-infused Holiday. Also, all the fan art during Rebel Heart was beautiful.

Thank you Madonna for visiting Vancouver again!

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