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Friday, 3 April 2015

Famous Puppet Death Scenes

If hipsters were to throw a puppet show, it could look an awful lot like this. Famous Puppet Death Scenes is exactly that. Each scene lasts anywhere from one minute to five minutes long, each detailing the untimely demise of an unfortunate puppet.

Artful and beautiful, there is no storyline to be told, but rather each vignette is like a painting come to life, a morsel of art to be enjoyed. Some are comedic, others bewildering, many sad and thought provoking, all of them gorgeously and creatively done by Calgary's Old Trout Puppet Workshop.

It was also my very first time at the York Theatre, which I have been longing to go to. It's been beautifully renovated and modernized from its most recent previous life as the Raja cinema back into being a venue for live theatre shows. It was built in 1913 and named the York in 1940. For more history check out this Georgia Straight article.

Famous Puppet Death Scenes is on now at the York Theatre until April 19.

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