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Monday, 30 March 2015

Turkish Delight: The Istanbul Lounge & Gourmet

I'm not a food blogger, but I figured I could start blogging about fun little eateries that I come across that probably won't make it onto the mainstream food blogs because these places aren't necessarily hip or trendy or haven't paid whatever fee is required to get listed on one of those sites. So, the other day a friend and I were wandering around Victoria Drive, which is home to numerous Chinese restaurants, definitely a great area to hit up some cheap but good dim sum. There are also Japanese and izakaya places cropping up. A new ramen shop has opened down the block, which I can't wait to go try.

Other than Chinese/Japanese restaurants, there are also several other cultures being represented, including Latino food, Italian, East Indian, Cambodian, Burmese, and a new place that showcases Turkish food!

Their "Yaprak Sarmasi" (stuffed grape leaves) were DIVINE.

I really wanted to try their special Borek pie, but apparently that is only served during breakfast. Instead, we sampled their Red Lentil Burger plate, which was yummy, and served with a piece of whole wheat toast! WTF right? It worked though. And they gave us complimentary pomegranate juice. The service there? Super friendly and sweet!! 

This Chicken Donair plate.... omg, that CHICKEN! I don't know WHAT spices they were using, but it was PURE perfection. You HAVE to try it.

The Istanbul Lounge & Gourmet is located at 5552 Victoria Drive. Phone: 604-767-4730

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