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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Whiskey Tasting!

Last night I set foot for the very first time into the Terminal City Club. I believe my 10 year high school reunion was held here. Wouldn't know as I didn't go to it. My 20th is coming up. Yikes. Do I go to that?

Anyhow, last night's event was put on by the Macallan Whiskey group and it was a fun and free event! You walk in, you get to go mingle and have a free cocktail (whiskey + ginger beer, thank you very much) and snack on some appies. (Was that a Mushroom I just devoured? But... I hate mushrooms!)

So then it was down into the banquet hall, where there were tables set out with four glasses of whiskey ready for tasting per person. We learned a bit about the process, the history, how to taste, and when you can call a whiskey a Scotch (when it's from Scotland and aged at least 3 years).

So, overall, a fun and educational event, with some complimentary booze to boot! Yay!

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