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Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Missed Connection - Connected : The Musical

I can't imagine what it would be like to write a musical. I've tried, sorta. I love musicals. And for those who can do it right, I am in awe. There are some local musicals being mounted this summer in Vancouver, and I am all the merrier! I often have friends from out of town who love going to theatre come visit Vancouver during our sunny months. Yet, when they get here, there's often not much theatre to be found due to most companies being in between seasons.

That's why I am very excited at the prospect of some shows being put on this and next month that I can take my visiting pals to! One show that is helping to bring theatre to Vancouver's summertime is the current production running at Pacific Theatre - Connected: The Musical.

At first I thought this show was going to be about the trials and tribulations of online dating, but instead it turned out to be an office drama/comedy/musical just set in the environment of an online dating company.

Jennifer Pielak as the eager intern and Richard Meen as Paul the hopeless romantic were two standouts for me - their voices carrying well in the intimate space. Going to the Pacific Theatre to see an underdog musical felt like I was in the TV show SMASH, heading off-Broadway to witness the birth of the fictional production Hit List.  I wasn't quite as taken with Connected though, and was not fond of the songs.

Being a musical snob, I rate most musicals - especially new unknown ones - on their songs. Singing about 6am and the start of a new day as the opening number didn't grab me or make me want to engage myself with the story.  Had the show just been a straight-on play, it might have worked a bit better. Songs should add to the story in musicals, in my opinion, and at times I felt there wasn't much in the lyrics to propel the storyline anywhere. Some of the cast members were also hard to hear, so if the song did have important information in it for the audience, I likely missed it.

Kudos to everyone involved and for bringing this show to life. Again, I don't have the honour of saying I've written a musical or helped to put one together. And just because I had a disconnect with Connected: The Musical, doesn't mean you will.

Connected: The Musical runs until July 27 at the Pacific TheatreTickets can be purchased online.

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