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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Loco Motion at the Firehall Arts Centre

The Firehall Arts Centre is currently bringing two Canadian one-act plays to the stage, done by the Loco Motion company. What's unique about Loco-Motion is that their plays are written, produced, and performed by "people with almost every diagnosis in the diagnostic manual of mental disorders."

"Loco Motion is a Burnaby, British Columbia, entertainment performance company comprised of and dedicated to the promotion of healing, self knowledge and empowerment for recovering people affected by mental illness and associated challenges.  We create original performance works and educational opportunities to raise public awareness, challenge misconceptions and promote wellness for individuals, their families and the broader community, Canadian public and international audiences."

The two one-act plays, What's Normal? and Conversation Piece run to June 16 at the Firehall Arts Centre

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