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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Grand Hotel at the Vancouver Art Gallery

I went to check out the Vancouver Art Gallery's latest exhibit, Grand Hotel, the other day. It's a wonderful exhibit on hotels and their role in culture and history. Whether it's the artists who lived in and swept through the Chelsea Hotel in New York, or the actors who frequented California's Chateau Marmont, this is a great spotlight on something that most of us have used in our lifetime and yet maybe take for granted. Perhaps you'll enjoy the design aesthetics of the Ace Hotel chains or maybe you'll revel in the kitschiness of highway motels, then there's the capsule hotels of Japan, and don't forget about the sleek modern designs of hotels in Scandinavia - whatever it is, there's definitely something for everyone here!

Crazy Hotel Room replica from Tokyo

Arne Jacobsen flatware designed for a hotel in Copenhagen

Arne Jacobsen chair and light

Upstairs, still on at the Vancouver Art Gallery is their previous exhibit, a collection of works from Pulitzer prize winning graphic artist Art Spiegelman, who is famous for his graphic novel Maus (World War II story told with mice as the Jewish people and cats as the Nazis) as well as for his New Yorker covers. I'm glad this was still here as I wanted to see it and was worried I had missed out!

What a wonderful day at the art gallery! The Art Spiegelman show ends June 9, and Grand Hotel runs until September 15.

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