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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Miss BC

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Miss BC pageant, which takes place every summer out in Fort Langley (the birthplace of BC)!

I've been helping with the Miss BC Pageant for about 4 years now and have met some of the most amazing people - the staff who work on the event, the kids that benefit from the proceeds, and the young women who enter hoping to make a difference in their community.

Miss BC is more than just a typical beauty pageant. For one, there is no swimsuit competition as the organizer believes that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and it's what's inside that counts. From what I've witnessed at Miss BC, I'd be more likely to call this a development program for young women. It's a place where they can learn to find their voice, get engaged in their community through fundraising, and fighting for causes they believe in. The proceeds from Miss BC go to the Cops For Cancer charity and each contestant is asked to hold a fundraiser prior to the pageant. I like this concept, because not only are they doing good work, but it helps weed out the people who are entering thinking that this is all about outer beauty.

The past few Miss BC title holders have all been amazing women. In 2009, we had Sandra Gin, a teacher from Richmond who technically would've been too old to win the title in any other pageant since she would not have been eligible to move on to the Miss Canada stage. However, Miss BC did not see that as an obstacle and wanted her to have the title because of her vision, enthusiasm, and drive. She ended up creating a calendar with all the girls to sell for charity, and landed the role of spokeswoman for the Lower Mainland's Beard Papa chain (you can see her in all their posters!) She donated all the money she made from Beard Papa to charity!

In 2010, we had Tara Teng from Fort Langley, who has been featured in countless publications now regarding her work in abolishing human trafficking. A Trinity Western student, Teng went on to win the Miss Canada title and continues her work as an "abolishinist" in her efforts to fight human slavery. You'll find that a quick Google search on Tara will give you hundreds of results on her activism!

The most recent winner, North Vancouver's Cheryl Dietrich, has made it her goal to help young women discover their confidence and to take on the world. You can read all about it on her Public Facebook page!

The regional title holders are also doing amazing work in their own communities, as well. Whether it's Miss Vancouver or Miss Vancouver Island, to Miss BC Interior to Miss Northern BC, the Miss BC pageant allows young women from all across the province to take part and to help make a difference in their own hometown.

Applications are now being accepted for this year's Miss BC! Apply now!

You can also join the official Facebook group, under "Miss BC Pageant!"

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