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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Read Dating at the Vancouver Public Library

So back in December, I went to a speed dating event geared towards the queer community.

I've always wanted to go to a Speed Dating thing, so I figure why not? It was held in a library and we were all told to bring our favourite book that we could talk about, should conversation become stilted. There was a mixed crowd. The age limit was 19 - 35, and I'd say the average age was mid-20s. There were women as well as men, so we got to meet everybody which was nice. That took the pressure off a bit, turning what could've been a full on meat market into something more community-focused and where we all got to meet a bunch of possible new friends. At the very least, I picked up some book recommendations from others.

We were all given a temporary email address, so if anyone emails me, that'll be cool. Otherwise, I might try to email a few people, I don't know. It's all terrifying because of the whole "rejection" factor. In fact, I almost bailed at the very last moment when I saw a group of guys go in together. They looked young and they all went as a group, so that was a bit intimidating. But, I figured, I can't live life based on fear, so just go for it.

I'm glad I did it, and if anything comes of it, great!


The Vancouver Public Library saw such success with this event and the heterosexual Read Dating night, that they're bringing it back for 2012!! AND this time they're changing the age ranges! On February 13, they will have the heterosexual night for women and men ages 35-55, and on February 15, they're doing another straight night for women and men aged 55 and over! Head over to the VPL to sign up or visit the website for more info!

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