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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Lady Gaga Live in Vancouver

I went to the Lady Gaga concert a week or two ago courtesy of Chris, and it was a pretty fun night!

Compared to seeing her last March at a small club venue, this show could not compare. I mean, that one was much more intimate. I was hoping that with more money behind her, she'd have a bigger show this time around. And some elements definitely delivered, from the screen and imagery she presented, to of course, the newer songs.

I freaked out on Monster, lost my mind during Beautiful Dirty Rich, and screamed my heart out to Bad Romance. But I did find her ordering of the setlist a bit off. Near the end of the show, she sang Paper Gangster, a relatively unkown song and also one that's mid-tempo/slow. She followed it up with Poker Face, which I think deserved a much better lead in. At that point, I was like, "Oh yeah, Poker Face. That's nice." Sorry Gaga, but Paper Gangster totally took the wind out of the sails!

Another observation I made was that she talked a lot to the audience, which somewhat interuppted the flow of the whole show. I mean, it's nice that an artist will talk to her audience, compared to some others that don't even say one word to them (paging Madonna!!) but between every song was a bit much. I think she was trying to keep that intimate vibe she had last Spring, but in this bigger venue with a bigger show, it just wasn't working.

And why the heck didn't she perform Telephone!?! RIGHT?!

But overall, an entertaining evening and a fun night out with friends, dancing and singing along to the vibes of Lady Gaga!

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