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Monday, 8 June 2009

Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling

Yeah, that's right. I went to watch some local wrestling at the Russian Community Centre here in Vancouver, and you know what, it was AWESOME!! It was the Pacific Cup tournament held by Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling.

The crowd was totally into it. In the heart of Kitsilano, one would never expect to find a crowd of people chanting out, "El Phantasmo!" to the masked wrestler of the same name entering the ring. These people were regulars, as they had their crowd favourites! There was Billy Suede whose high flyin' antics made the first several rows scramble out of the way when he threw his opponent out of the ring and into the audience! There was also the mohawked Randy Myers who got the crowd cheering him on as he cut off some of his hair in order to meet the weight requirements.

It was a great night out, and it was nice to see such an enthusiastic crowd. I was pleasantly surprised too when only a few people started chanting homophobic slurs like "Bunch of Faggots" or "You're a Homo!" and the rest of the room did NOT join in for that, so good on the rest of the crowd. That was nice to see. Oh and the wrestlers? Yeah, there were definitely some hot ones running around with hard bodies in tight trunks!

But overall, the wrestlers had amazing abilities in the ring, making everything look completely real and totally painful. I'm sure they were all hurtin' later on, but these are skilled pros so maybe they know how to do it without beating themselves up too much. The best part was the humour that some of the wrestlers brought to the ring. Their showmanship was amazing and definitely makes me want to go back for more!!

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