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Monday, 26 February 2007

The Number 14

I had never heard of this play/musical before, but apparently it has been running for decades. Granville Island's Winterupption festival this past weekend was host to a special condensed one hour free performance of The Number 14, a show about riding the bus. During my time as a Creative Writing student, I had always been told by my PlayWriting Instructor that setting a play on a bus is pretty much the lamest and most cliche thing one can do. Yet, this show proves that theory wrong! Not only was it a highly technical production, but it was very musical in a non-musical kind of way and quite physical as well. It had the audience laughing till they cried, and people of all ages are sure to enjoy this. Very creative and unique, yet capturing the essence of what it's like to take the Loser Cruiser perfectly to a tee. The show runs down at the Waterfront Theatre till March 24, before heading out to New York City!

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